Sterile Neutrino: The Failed Test to Open a New Chapter in the Origin of the Universe

  • Pallap Ghosh
  • Science Reporter, BBC News

Image source, Fermilab / Reader Hon


The microphone is a 12 meter long detector inside a large cryogenic tank.

A new chapter in physics has opened, according to scientists searching for the essential element of the universe.

The microphone is a large experiment developed by more than 200 physicists from five countries at the Fermi National Laboratory (Fermilab) in the United States, aimed at finding an elusive subatomic particle. Sterile neutrinos, The key component of the matter that makes up our daily lives.

The experiment did not achieve its goal, but guided the failed search physicists More interesting theories To help explain how the universe came into being.

Mark Thompson, Executive Chairman of the Council for Scientific and Technological Facilities (STFC), which finances the UK’s contribution to microphone testing, described the results “Very exciting”.

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