Step by step to send WhatsApp messages through Siri

Siri can send messages without using the keyboard. (Unsplash)

With the latest update iOS 17users iPhone They have access to a feature that allows them to send messages Share it By SiriAllows easy access to the app target without using the keyboard.

This is a tool available in previous versions OSBut in the latest update there is no need to run such a difficult command, rather theVoice assistant It will understand which messaging app we want to use to send the content.

The process of sending messages is simple, but requires prior configuration so that the wizard receives the command and is ready to execute the action. These are the steps to follow:

1. Enable Siri: To get started, you’ll need to say ‘Hey, Siri’ or press and hold the Home button or Side button, depending on the iPhone model. This will activate the virtual assistant and be ready to receive commands.

2. Tell the message: Ask Siri to send a message to the desired WhatsApp contact when prompted. The command goes like this: “Hey, Sri. Send a message [nombre del contacto]”.

3. Write the message: Siri will execute the command and ask you to say the message you want to send. There will be time to tell the message, so the assistant will write it in a text box that we can review later.

4. Switch to WhatsApp: Whenever we want to send a message, Siri can choose the Messages app by default. However, after creating the message, the assistant will give you the option to send it or change the application. This is where you can tell Siri to use WhatsApp instead of Messages.

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5. Send the message: Once you switch to WhatsApp, you can now send a message. If Siri doesn’t turn on automatically, you can tap the app icon at the top of the screen to do it manually.

Siri can send messages without using the keyboard. (Unsplash)

Although Siri Sends messages through Share it So simple, some users may notice that the recommended apps don’t support messaging. This is the result of Siri’s machine learning the habits of each user.

To solve that, there is a step to help simplify the process:

1. Open Settings app on iPhone.

2. Scroll down and select Siri & Search.

3. At the bottom of the screen, there is a list of Siri-compatible apps. There you have to select the sites you don’t want to appear on.

4. Disable the learning option of this app. This controls the information Siri shares with the service.

This simple setting prevents Siri from suggesting unwanted apps when sending messages Share itProvides a more fluid experience centered around each user’s preferences.

Siri lets you send messages without using a keyboard. (Unsplash)

With the introduction of a new platform called Manjana, iOS 17, the company’s cell phones will have access to new functions that improve the user experience. However, these new features may not be available for all devices, as some of them may no longer be compatible with this or future versions of the device. Software.

The main reason is that some cell phones are not compatible with the new version iOS In order for all functions provided by the system to be implemented, you must at least, A12 bionic chip or later. By the way, samples iPhone 8 And this iPhone X They will not be updated.

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The following are the Apple cell phones that can download the new version of the operating system:

– iPhone XR

– iPhone XS

– iPhone XS Max

iPhone 11 (Regular, Pro and Pro Max)

iPhone 12 (Regular, Mini, Pro and Pro Max)

iPhone 13 (Regular, Mini, Pro and Pro Max)

iPhone 14 (Regular, Plus, Pro and Pro Max)

iPhone 15 (Regular, Plus, Pro and Pro Max)

iPhone SE (Second and Third Generation)

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