Steamroller! A stunning preseason win for Veljko Paunovic in his first friendly with Chivas

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Guadalajara held its first rehearsal for the Clausura 2023 and won the category for the Tour of Spain.


Chivas finally put an end to the pre-season on Christmas Island The most intense football test since helmsman Veljko Paunovic came to technical managementWhere are the Rojiblancos? They began to demonstrate the idea of ​​Serbian football and beat Caymans de Colima with a stunning victory.

The commitment, agreed four times for 30 minutes, began to demonstrate the work the footballers have done in these weeks since returning from holiday. They won 7-0 Where was the best player? Angel Zaldivar scored a hat-trick.

Authors of other destinations of Guadalajara jurisdictionCristian Calderon, Jose Deba Gonzalez, Santiago Ormeno and Antonio Briseno, And with it all of them After Veljko Paunović’s assessment they continue to raise their hand to stay in Rojiblanco’s squad.

According to the Rojiblanco Group report, Jose Juan Macias and Hiram Myer were the only non-functional components in the fight against CaymanezThose recovering from certain injuries, vizThe rest of the players had a few minutes to show themselves With new coaching staff.

What’s next for Chivas?

El Rebano will return to the city of Guadalajara this Sunday to retire after the concentration week and refine their details. A friendly fight against Nexaxa on 1 DecemberDAfter embarking on a trip to Spain to play commitments with Gedaf and Athletic Bilbao on the 8th and 11th.

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