From Qatar, Mariazel hits the middle of the desert with mini shorts

Mariasel Enjoy the adventures it offers QatarBecause even though it was for work, during this time the driver was able to make some tours of the country. He went to the desert And a series from there Her winning photos with mini shorts It completed her casual look. With this, once again the TV star has been crowned as the style queenAs it continues to confirm He knows how to wear these types of clothes very well.

The presenter meets the group TUDN In Qatar World Cup 2022 As a continuation of that Mexican team And to other representatives who want to lift the trophy this year. Despite the fact that he works, he takes time to go on sightseeing trips and get to know this iconic place full of contrasts, luxury and abundant culture; For that reason, he went to the desert, where he lived an adventure that he documented in his Instagram stories.

Mariasel wins with mini shorts from the desert

Although a member of the “I fell over laughing“He didn’t specify exactly where he was. Yes, he showed his normal appearance You have to remember that this type of climate is suitable for wearing because it is winter The temperature in Qatar is above 25 degrees, so it’s important to stay fresh. Due to this, Mariasel She opted for a pair of white mini shorts that styled women over 40 who love to wear short dresses.

Mariacel shines with Desierto’s shorts Photo: Screenshot

The actress also shared some stories with him Over 3.6 million followers on stage target In it he shows that the short sum is combined with a Orange blouseIt did Perfect contrast With a light tone, it creates a great collection to steal views, not only on social networks, but also in the Arab country, although there are many. Restrictions on the women of your countryTourists are allowed to dress in whatever they like.

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Mariasel Olle She said that she came to a place where she was mounted on a camel, and then she entered much higher than a truck, through which she looked around where nothing could be seen but sand. In fact, in one of her videos, the presenter assured that she was mesmerized by the vastness and asymmetry of the desert, making this adventure an unforgettable experience for her and her companions.

Zel, as his friends and followers fondly call him, is having a great time at the World Cup, but not everything is sweet. Well, a few days ago he shared a video in which he broke down in tears when he saw a kitten hit by a car: “I can’t believe people like that exist.”Since he is an animal lover, he revealed the driver in the clip who is clearly affected.

The driver shows off his casual look Photo: Featured

Although Mariasel Known as part of the “dysfunctional family”.I fell down laughing”The host also stands out sports programs, So it’s no wonder he’s at the Football World Cup. In which the Mexican National TeamHe is confident of getting past the group stage as he has been level Poland And his next competitor, Argentina, lost against Saudi ArabiaSo you might want to be in a better position in the table to still qualify.

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