Stay under the stars in Vieques

Contemplate the stars and the beautiful view of the ocean that Mount Carmel promises from the comfort of a bed by spending the night at El Nido Bubble Tent, in Vieques; A new concept that ensures an experience of adventure and magic while enjoying a safe connection with nature.

The concept was created by Gabriella Giampetro, a native of the Czech Republic, and her husband, Matthew Giampetro, an Italian who lives in the United States. Both define themselves as lovers of the natural environment of Vieques, therefore, after several vacation visits on the island of Nina, they decide to acquire land and build their own dwelling, where – in the end – they will allocate space for the innovative project of a bubble house.

“I saw it on Instagram and liked it. We brought it up from Utah and saw it as an excellent rental opportunity,” Gabriella said, noting that construction in Vieques began in 2014.

The owner noted that El Nido Bubble Tent is a camping concept with comfort and safety. The bubble is located on a spacious balcony below the couple’s property. It has a queen bed, portable air conditioning, and a bathroom. In this rest, the guest will be able to enjoy the stars, the beauty of the moon, the song of birds and other wonders of nature while spending the night in a transparent bubble hut.

“It’s more about the experience of lying down and seeing the stars and oceans,” Gabriella said in a phone interview.

The fully transparent bubble tent has become one of the favorite accommodations to celebrate special occasions such as wedding proposals, anniversaries, photo shoots or just experience connecting with nature.

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They love the experience of seeing the sky clearly, the view of the sea or hearing the birds. Those who stay love that night just give it a try. Even though they have air conditioning, it is a one night experience because although the bed is comfortable and the air conditioning is enough to sleep comfortably for one night, the heat feels a little bit,” Gabriella said.

Most bookings are made via Instagram and the property is only available in the months between November and March. “These are the months we spend on the property. Most people connect with me through the Instagram platform. Airbnb’s is more for exposure. Always when I get to the island, I’ve already booked 80% of the time,” the woman said.

According to Gabriela, “90% (of clients) are tourists, mostly from the United States; while 10% are Puerto Ricans; influencers are mostly. Or come to do a ‘photoshoot’.” They come and stay one night and then leave.

This experience is $259 per night and includes parking, Wi-Fi, and basic toiletries, among other services. Its location allows access to many places of interest and is a five-minute drive from the building.

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