Jay Pauline responded to Christian Nodal after publicly apologizing

J. Paulvin.

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The theme of the Mexican regional singer ‘Girasol’ was released last Saturday. Christian Nodal Topic spoken at the beginning J. Paulvin Who has made a comparison between the two in recent days He noted what the differences were there.

All of this was recorded by the Mexican a week ago They dyed her hair blonde and drew a flower for her. Well, it has at least four different colors, after which a series of comparisons with Jay Paul began, and there were endless memes of the two.

For this reason, the singer of the urban genre did not wait and joined the jokes recorded on social networks, but it seems that the Mexican did not like it and he was constantly subjected to criticism.

Apparently, I have no one to judge him, he went through a bad time. I did my comedy without bad intentions and I understand his point of view, ”he said in his stories on the Colombian Instagram social network.

“You photographed me from the press
Where I come out bad, where I am ashamed
Then you asked, cart ***, the differences between you and me
Bend ***, it’s not me **** “, it’s part of the lyrics.

In addition, the translator of the song asked, ‘Then what else?’ He wanted to use the opportunity to send good vibes, but he called for them to stop talking about what happened because the two are recognized as singers around the world and misunderstandings between the two are not constantly recorded.

“It simply came to our notice then. Peace, there is no one to judge who I am, I am not the owner of truth, I will never be. In the end, many follow us, and setting a good example is part of our responsibility. At least, “he said.

He also used the opportunity to make it clear that the Mexican composer had apologized for the confusion involved, as he thought.

He publicly apologized to me, and I publicly apologized. He is a gentleman in doing what I do, I respect him more than anyone, he did not lie, he did not lie in that conversation, everything is left, ”he concluded.

There is a certain part of the song that, as is already known, was directed to the Colombian because it says: “You are 37 years old and you have not yet matured. Respect is something that money cannot buy. Do you understand that it is not important to be rich in the end? If your goals are material only.

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