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Currently, this can only be done in person or by calling a phone number.

Smart seal prototype.

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Drivers will finally be able to register their new digital tags, known as SMART, online starting October 23, announced Antonio Ramos Guardiola, interim director of Puerto Rico’s Innovation and Technology Service.

The sale of these stamps began on September 1, and from this date, vehicle owners had to register them by visiting Driver Service Centers (Cesco) or Autoexpreso offices in Metro Office Park, Guaynabo.

This can also be done by phone at 1-888-688-1010.

As of October 23, the procedure can also be carried out through the Autoexpreso application or through the website of this service.

To clarify any questions, you can call the Driver Assistance Center at 1-833-938-6777.

Although these new stamps do not have a serial number, they do have a mark number accompanying the letters PRHT. With these numbers, the seal is registered by the means mentioned above. Through electronic means the old Autoexpreso stamp number will be obtained.

Ramos Guardiola has dismissed the new smart stamps as not being read by the Autoexpreso system.

“This is absolutely not true. The Autoexpreso stamp uses the same technology as the digital sticker. What changes is the art,” Ramos Guardiola said.

On the other hand, Ramos Guardiola indicated that a total of 650 police officers have been trained to use the device with which uniformed officers will be able to read these new stamps to verify that they are up to date. He indicated that the goal is to train between 820 to 850, but he did not specify when this number would be reached.

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He was also unable to determine the number of readers distributed to police officers.

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