Spicy trills that remind you of ‘B’

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Purslane mocked mercilessly after a 2-1 draw at the FPC Classic in Medellin.

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Although he won (2-1) with arbitration controversy, Atlético Nacional celebrate victory over America de Galle on social networks after Tomas Angel’s double. The Purslane Club brought its past up to the ‘Red Devils’ and left a spicy trill. His fans have been teasing him on social media.

From “Let a Accomodate Tomás” to “Good evening Purslane” for Attanasio Girardot’s opening goal less than 3 minutes into the game, Paolo Autori’s side celebrated their victory from the dressing room after the win. America

The Purslane team took advantage of the moment of euphoria after the FPC Classic. In B. to reminisce about their past. Precisely, in the second division the dithering in which they brought up their past created all sorts of reactions. Crimson fans spoke of “robbery” without concealing their irritation, while the banter continued from Purslane’s side.

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