SpaceX makes the fifth test landing of its starship rocket

REUTERS / Gene Blevins

(Bloomberg) – Space Exploration Technologies Corporation logró un Almost flawless landing of your new and largest rocket, When the model’s fifth test aircraft opened the door to higher altitudes.

The Starship SN-15 prototype spacecraft was launched from SpaceX’s coastal launch site Wednesday at 5:24 pm local time in Boca Chicago, Texas. According to a live video released by the company, the rocket flew at an altitude of about 10 km around the controlled descent. A few minutes later the extinguished vehicle landed with only a small fire in the basement.

The milestone achievement leads to the more ambitious tests of a rocket that SpaceX founder Elon Musk sees as a future crew for the moon and missions to Mars. NASA recently chose SpaceX to develop a lunar landing system for astronauts with the spacecraft. The company also hopes that steelmaker Hypersonic can reduce travel time across the globe with point-to-point travel.

An earlier test flight of the Starship rocket left smoke debris in the area after the crash on March 30. The previous prototype descended a slight slope and sank into flames shortly after landing. The previous two attempts ended in fireballs. There are no people on any spacecraft.

SpaceX envisioned the Starship Rocket as a versatile, fully reusable spacecraft capable of carrying 100 metric tons. With the exception of the booster rocket, which builds a two-stage system, the starship is 49 meters high and 9 meters in diameter, capable of carrying 100 passengers.

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