Apple may create a secret feature (Privacy lovers will like it)


13 November 2021 15:01 GMT

Earlier, it was reported that Cupertino had registered two patents indicating its intention to build its own drone.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office released a patent application from Apple on Thursday, indicating that it intends to develop some of the U.S. technology company. Personal data protection glasses, Reports Apparently Apple.

Named Privacy glasses, Will allow only the wearer of the glasses to see the contents of the screen of the device, preventing those around them from realizing it. The user may also allow others to view the data on the screen.

Also, before using the function, the user must Set up a new profile on the iPhone So the Face ID mechanism will recognize it in the mirror.

Just because a patent is applied does not mean that Cupertino is developing the project.

Even before It seemed Apple has registered two patents that could express its intent to build its own drone, which can be controlled by the iPhone, portable console or other device.

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