Before facing Costa Rica ‘Polilo’ Gomes: ‘We have to help each other because the country is so sad, it was a hard blow’ – Ten

The Honduran national team traveled to Costa Rica this Sunday Qatar is set to face their eighth qualifiers for 2022 against DiCos next Tuesday.

The Bicolor team was touched after the incident against Panama and only a win could restore some of the spirits on the ground to qualify for the World Cup.

While staying at the airport before the flight started, coach Hernan “Polillo” Gomes spoke and promised that we would help each other to get ahead of the crisis situation.

How is the team and recovery time?

“A lot of work has been done on it, because the foot was so hard, a game is already almost controlled and it’s out of hand, the foot is hard for everything, but the boys have improved mentally from that. We ‘re going to do this. Afternoon and tomorrow. .

Brian Moya breaks the silence and releases the echo message after Honduras’ painful fall

In the last training session, the Colombian coach had an extensive conversation that lasted more than 30 minutes, and this time he said that you should be with the player and talk to him a lot.

“Yes, you have to talk to the boys a lot, you have to help us and the country because it’s so sad,” Gomez said.

Long faces, disheveled faces and long speech of Polilo talking face to face; Manor just talked too much

Asked if it was necessary to hold meetings now because the classification was so complicated, he replied: “No, never pass, there is no friendliness in the exam here. We will do our best.”

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