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'Pitbull' Cruz overwhelmed Rollie in seven rounds after a fast start to the fight that saw the Mexican very close to taking his opponent to the canvas. Powerful overhands from right and left took some time to work on Romero's legs, and he went unanswered to a series of power punches in the eighth round.

The referee stopped the fight after the punishment, and 'Pitbull' Cruz became Mexico's eighth world champion in professional boxing by winning the World Boxing Association's super lightweight belt.

After the rousing victory, 'Pitbull' Cruz celebrated by barking in honor of his nickname, and for a few minutes he wore his strange mask, which resembled a dog's mask.

Isaac Cruz recounted for TUDN before his fight with 'Rolly' Romero, how he came up with the idea of ​​creating a mask that would honor his nickname, in addition to another item that was so precious to him in each fight.

“We made this mask for my fight against Francisco 'Bandido' Vargas and changed it to fit Pitbull's nickname,” he commented of the accessory he uses at weigh-in ceremonies from press conferences.

Regarding the T-shirt that reads 'Dad, when you're in a fight, don't quit', 'Pitbull' Cruz explained that it was a gift from one of his sons.

“For me this shirt is very representative, not only in my heart but also in my mind, it's from my son the great Amadeo who told me on one occasion that I was going to fight against 'Bandito' Vargas. He looked up at the sky and said to me: 'Dad, when you're in the ring. , don't give up, you can do it,” said the now super lightweight world champion.

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TUDN spoke with unique music creator, rapper Tools, who honored not only Isaac's career in professional boxing, but also his human side.

“His heart is tricolor
His fists are delicious
If his family comes first, he's newly screwed
He always puts on attitude
Great guy, you understand
He is clingy and guerilla, hence his nickname Dog …”

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