Soon .. Microsoft One Introduces Outlook Application

New leaks have revealed Microsoft’s test version of the Outlook application for Windows programs designed for email services.

According to the “The Verge” website, the leaked app will be launched under the name One Outlook, and is planned for use on larger screens than laptops and PCs.

The site stated that the application could not currently be used effectively without a dedicated Microsoft account on the Microsoft Applications site.

This initial release was leaked, but the final replacement for Windows 10 Mail should not come until next year.

It is reported that this application will enter a large preview program by the end of 2022, with the aim of converting mail and calendar applications into Windows 10 by 2022.

Following the official launch, Outlook One will replace Windows applications including Outlook Web Access and MacOS.

New version of Windows 10

Microsoft is set to launch a new version of Windows 10 in early 2021 this year.

Reports suggest that the new system will be “10X” and that laptops running the new operating system will be able to run at high speeds from standby.

This system was initially designed for dual screen devices, but Microsoft made it compatible with single screen devices.

The system comes with a series of features, the first of which is the “instant play” feature and the modern standby feature, which allows the device to be downloaded in sleep mode, just like a smartphone, downloading emails and receiving social media updates during sleep. The British newspaper “Express” published the news.

Also, the new operating system will have a “Start” menu without live tiles and a new task center designed for faster actions.

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