Can enrich uranium up to 60%.

Iran’s nuclear watchdog spokesman Behroos Kamalondi said on Wednesday that Iran could enrich uranium by 40% to 60%.

He stressed that the country has the potential in the nuclear sector to produce enriched uranium and reach this percentage.

The Iranian official also pointed out to the parliament that it had decided to raise the enrichment rate at the Fordo facility to 20%.

Production of 20% enriched uranium from Monday eveningAccording to Kamalondi, Tuesday.

“By seven o’clock (Monday evening, 15:30 GMT), we had reached the 20% level,” Kamalondi said in a statement to state television.

Abbas Arachchi, Iran’s foreign affairs assistant, was quoted as saying that Iran had made the decision to live (economically) without a nuclear deal, insisting that “it will not renegotiate any other issue related to the nuclear deal or missiles.”

He added, “Iran will not accept any condition for a US return to the nuclear deal, nor can we expect other issues to be negotiated until the nuclear deal becomes a successful deal. Our armed forces are fully prepared and monitor all US bases in the region.” He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into Iran.

Government spokesman Ali Rabi confirmed to the semi-official “Mehr” company, that Iran has resumed 20% uranium enrichment at its underground nuclear power plant. “A few minutes ago, the process of producing 20% ​​enriched uranium at the Forto enrichment complex began,” he said.

On Monday, the International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed that Iran had raised uranium enrichment levels to 20%, which was not reached from the 2015 nuclear deal with key powers.

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