Sony Introduces Intelligent TVs Intelligent Because Artificial Intelligence Is Obsolete

Sony has released its new TV models in 2021 and is packaged with an image processor with intellectual intelligence. Apparently, he thinks like a man.

Like many TV manufacturers, Sony Bravia has done an amazing job when it comes to continuing image processing. By 2021, unlike the competition, with the help of the cognitive processor XR, updated televisions will be better than ever in implementing every frame of a movie.

While cognitive intelligence may seem like a marketing ploy rather than a useful function, the truth is not so simple. Sony To be closer to how a human eye sees the details of a scene has completely changed the approach to how the image displayed on the screen is processed.

In the past, artificial intelligence has tried to improve the image as a whole, working individually to improve the contrast, brightness and colors displayed. The cognitive processor XR “looks” at the elements of each frame just like a human, and treats the elements you are more or less interested in a scene differently.

Front, Processor Trying to provide a realistic skin tone. If the camera moves behind an actor, the XR chip will look for other elements to dedicate its technical endeavor, such as providing proper lighting of a light company or details from a cloud of smoke on a dark street. Retrieved by Engadget.

In practice, in a video of Sally, he made a real-time change from Tom Hanks’ face, which he cleverly illuminated to highlight his details, next to the neon lights in Times Square. In La La Land, the new cognitive intelligence processor saw Emma Stone in every corner of a frame and she knew what to look for. The cognitive processor XR will be on the latest generation of LED TVs from Sony and the new LED series.

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