Solidarity on the sexual harassment of Cர்டrdoba de Molina

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Univision responds to sexual harassment allegations against Cர்டrdoba de Molina: What did they say?

Raoul de Molina, presenter of the Univision project “El Cordo o la Blacka” last week was a strong target Allegations of sexual harassment, After two famous They will publicly condemn it Of wrongdoing. One of them even got caught on video.

Mexican star Lucia Montes and singer Virgie Lopez spoke with the YouTube program “Sism No Like”. Subject to acts of sexual harassment The so-called Crdoba de Molina.

Although the allegations against him have not yet been made public by a person of Cuban descent, they do occur precisely. Sexual Assault Awareness Month, The channel where Univision works as a communicator, responded to the controversy created by strong complaints against its employees.

Although Raல்l did not go to Univision details about the allegations against El Cordo de Molina, Now said These symptoms are taken very seriously by the channel and analyzed.

“Univision takes these kinds of allegations seriously and we will review them carefully,” a UN spokesman said. A message has just been sent.

The sexual harassment allegations against Raவுl de Molina were initially condemned by singer Virgie Lopez, who said in a conversation with “Sism No Like” that he had to do the Jacuzzi section when he attended the El Cordo o la Flacca show to promote his album. With El Cordo, the presenter misjudged her three times.

RAÚL DE MOLINA Jacuzzi | Allegedly going over READY in live rumorsEl Cordo de Molina has a strong indictment by Virgi Lopez, who promises that he was approached by the host on his live show. Don’t miss the live show on Estrella TV at 4/3 C with exclusive information. Find Estrella TV in your city: Elisa Peristaine / Elisa Peristaine Javier Ceriani /2021-04-20T18: 00: 08Z

Then, after presenting a video, de Molina spoke to the protagonist of the aforementioned project “Diana Salazar’s Strange Earnings” after clearly noticing that Lucia Mendes had inappropriate touches to her private parts, confirming that she was the victim of Univician’s driving harassment act.

Univision did not want to catch the rumors in the case of Cordo de MolinaAfter our complaints against Cர்டrdoba de Molina, instead of clarifying the issues and apologizing, the Universal Legal Committee may devise legal tactics to silence us, to which we send a direct and strong message. #chismenolike #elisaberistain #javierceriani #chisme #espectaculos #ntentertainment #show #farandula #memedeldia #showbusiness #lovienchismenolike #univision2021-04-22T22: 13: 22Z

Host Eliza Peristain called him live, the Mexican actress spoke at length about the embarrassing moment she lived in, and demanded that many Netizens set a precedent against Univision sexual harassment and shoot Cuba.

EXCLUSIVE! Lucia Mendes Cர்டrdoba de Molina! INDECOROUS GRIP – Victim Abuse – CNLLucia Mendes was not silent and was captured by Raல்l de Molina on the embarrassing moment she lived in the Cோrdoba o la Flaca project. #chismenolike #elisaberistain #javierceriani #chisme #espectaculos #ntentertainment #show #farandula #memedeldia #showbusiness #lovienchismenolike #rauldemolina #luciamendez No gossip members 13: 43Z

“(When it happened) I said to him: ‘Hey, fat man, what’s wrong with you? What is the matter? (And the animator replied): ‘No, no, nothing, this is a joke’. This is what happened. I remember very well the moment he picked up my bubbles. I was honest, I did nothing (at the time), but when the cuts came, I said: Why did he order so much? What fat? I do not behave like that. ‘No, it’s a joke,’ he told me, ”Lucia Montes said.

How Molina’s fat man in trouble and Lucia Montes “Toketio” | Giros MycovaganRaல்l de Molina has been embroiled in controversy following the mention of singer Lucia Montez when the TV presenter “touched” her. # GirosMichoacán # Canal13Michoacán Enjoy Andy Gillumin, Alex Herrera and Katya Quintero in Giros Michoacan at the best press conference across the state of Michoacan. Monday to Friday2021-04-23T19: 15: 01Z

The actress and singer looked at her outspoken anger and explained that de Molina wanted to leave saying it was a joke.

VideoThe video on similarity responds to complaints of harassment of Crdoba de Molina: What do they say?2021-04-26T19: 15: 41-04: 00

“She is OK. I was so angry, so upset, it was going to show me. He said ‘Excuse me Lucia. It was a joke … I left later, I haven’t seen El Cordo or anything for a long time, “said the Colorina protagonist.

VideoThe video on similarity responds to complaints of harassment of Crdoba de Molina: What do they say?2021-04-26T19: 15: 41-04: 00

“Too bad. I feel bad, because it’s not a beautiful moment, it’s not for him or me, it’s definitely not pleasant, I’m definitely explaining how it was (…). Yes, it’s disrespectful, obviously. But he apologized to me, it I tell you that something (abuse) happened to me. In the face of facts, you can not say that it is not true. I have been honest all my life, it happened, it was disgusting. It fascinated me. I do not know what is happening in humanity, every time we are in more things We are surprised.

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