Soko Lozano is punished by Cadiz after the party and is sidelined from the match against Valencia-Tees

Problems for him Soko Lozano In Spain. The Cadiz, Who faced Valencia this Saturday League, After a week of controversy, left Honduran along with six other teams.

Forward was invited to the meeting by the coach yesterday Alvaro Cervera Although not calling him Honduras national team However, due to physical problems, DD has decided to expel him from the game and punish him.

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According to the Spanish media Game CarouselBecause, its football players Cadiz From Spain, with Honduran Lozano, they got into trouble after the party After the fall against Rayo Vallecano on Sunday. It was recorded on video, which went viral on social media.

“I know the pictures, I saw them and the coaching staff is not allowed. Those pictures do not represent me, they do not represent anything that represents this club. It’s wrong. Some may have made a mistake. He said. CerveraWho promised that there would be repercussions for those involved.

Next Soko, Florin Anton, Ruben Sobrino, Carlos Agabo, Marcos Mauro, Alberto Perea and Vector Sust were also eliminated by technical decision.

The coach is real Cervera He had already planned to make these rejections because on Friday he announced a call for 29 footballers, although only 23 elements were allowed in the game by law.

Honduran Lozano He was the only player on the team to appear in the video inside a nightclub in Vallecas, Madrid, enough to ‘muddy’ his other teammates, with whom he had already obtained first clearance for additional playing conditions.

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– Expelled in Honduras for qualifying –

It was announced on Friday Soko Fabián Coito could not be part of the list of 27 players invited to the second window of the playoffs with Honduras.

The Uruguayan coach commented that the attacker is not in his best physical version because he has played six of seven games to date, four starts and one goal.

Coating He explained his absence in this way: “He’s pulling an injury to his knee, and he needs to be treated to prevent that pain from being 100% and always with the condition, that condition, preventing pain. He is ill.

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