Sofia Vergara reveals her most unrecognizable side in a bathtub without clothes

LFor the actress Sofia Vergara He impresses all his followers with his publications on social networks. At the age of 51, the American plays an enviable figure, which is appreciated by all his fans.

on a journey ParisVergara stunned everyone by sharing a very sensual picture, but it was her showing off her sensual side that caught the most attention. Unrecognizable.

star Modern Family And a member of the jury of the popular reality show ‘America’s talent’ After their breakup a few months ago, she lives in a happy and weird moment Joe Manganiello.

The new emotional moment allowed Sophia to enjoy other things in life. France. “2 am jet lag planning how to get this bathtub to Los Angeles.”

This is the news shared by the actress. In a photo in the bathtub without clothes, showing up from the shoulders. And the fact that Vergara was not wearing make-up made her unrecognizable.

It didn’t make her fans send more loving and cute messages to the actress, “Perfect without so much makeup and you look young” or “You look beautiful without makeup” are some of the most popular comments. Sofia Vergara proves once again that beauty has nothing to do with age.

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