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“Universities and their research centers have made an important contribution by using specialized knowledge as an essential component of decision-making in the country and in the government system based on science and innovation,” Dr. Ondina Lyon said at a press conference. Diaz, Director of Science and Technology at the Ministry of Higher Education.

He noted that “our universities have participated in the current year in macro programs, programs and projects, which implies recognition and, therefore, important challenges.”

Dr. Ondina also highlighted that today there are greater influences on the link between universities and society, economically, socially, training and educational.

In this sense, this means that the Ministry of Education and Science is working on the implementation and regionalization of the National Plan of Food Sovereignty and Nutrition Education, integrated in the Municipal Development Strategy and 63 Measures to Strengthen Cuban Agriculture.
Among other university science contributions, he highlighted results in biosourcing, agricultural health, seeded seed production techniques, micropropagation for biotechnology, agroecology, and grain and animal feed.
The directive also noted the participation of university talents in the Innovation Committee of the Ministry of Public Health and BioCubaFarma in the development of new products, as well as in mathematical modeling of health problems, among other things.

Energy and geology, information and communication technologies (ICT), legislative process, building materials production, automation, robotics, and business management improvement are among the disciplines in which it has an impact.

The specialist also referred to the fact that the MES journal system contains 97 active titles and is working to include them in more or more recognized databases.

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Regarding new organizational forms to strengthen the link between the university and business, Leon Diaz highlighted the creation of science and technology parks and Interface science and technology companies.

He noted that in 2021, the MES system received 77 awards from the Academy of Sciences, and stated that 19 MES awards were accredited for outstanding results of science, technology and innovation work in the current year.

Special privileges will soon be awarded to the Minister of Higher Education, 23 for merit in scientific and technological research and innovation, and 29 for postgraduate activity.

Similarly, seven professors, young researchers and eight students distinguished in scientific activity will receive prizes.

“Despite the progress made, it is necessary to better link scientific findings, so that they are embodied in innovations that contribute to the economic and social development of the country, including links that can enhance exports or replace imports.

“Likewise, we must continue to promote graduate and doctoral training, and to include young people in these activities,” he noted.

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