Social Security: What percentage of my monthly payments is deducted for retirement at age 62?

More than 70 million payments are sent each month to retirees and Social Security beneficiaries, and a large portion of those checks are intended for retired workers; but, The amounts depend on your retirement age.

To obtain these retirement benefits It is necessary to have worked for approximately 10 yearsTo be eligible for retirement, you must accumulate 40 work points.

So the amount depends on the years of work. The minimum expected retirement age is 62 years.The full age is 67 and the maximum is 70, the latter allowing you to get the highest SSA payment.

How much is the deduction when you retire at age 62?

Although retirees can apply for benefits at age 62, This will result in a 30% penalty on all your monthly payments. Therefore, it is recommended that before deciding to apply for retirement, it is important to calculate years of work, taxes, salaries and age in the payroll for payments to the Social Security program.

Currently, the maximum amount a retiree receives at age 62 is $2,572, and for those at age 67 it is $3,627, and Retirees at age 70 get a maximum of $4,555.

Social Security increase for 2024

Last month, the Social Security Administration reported its new 2024 cost of living adjustment (COLA), which was 3.2%, meaning that next year, payments to retirees and beneficiaries will increase by about $50.

These adjustments are made to balance Social Security checks with the rate of inflation and prevent retirees from feeling the burden of inflation in the prices of food, goods and rent.

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