Social organizations demand that the third police station in Lanus be a space of memory margin

Social organizations demand a new anniversary of the Night of Pens. Credit: Left Press

the Campaign to restore the third police station to Lanus Calls for the establishment of a Memory space In the aforementioned place because A Secret detention center (Convention to Combat Desertification) during the recent civilian-military dictatorship. In that place there were, among others, survivors of Night of pens.

Last Saturday, as part of the new anniversary of the events of September 16, 1976, members of the campaign marched from Climbing treatments And Morguyunduwhere the former factory is located Campomartowards the police station located at Yatai 553.

The mobilization gathered about 200 people and participated in it Union of Popular Organizations (FOB.) Self-confidentthe Coordinator for combating police impunityhe Socialist workers’ movement (MST) and the Cabomar Neighborhood Justice CommitteeAnd the organizations that make up the campaign.

They called for the creation of a space of memory in that place, where the third police station still operates, even though the state classified it in December 2012 as a former secret detention center.

in this meaning, Alfredo Ferthy“We decided to go to a place of memory in Lanus because the area didn’t have one and it was very important in that whole part of history, with over 400 people missing,” a campaign member explained. He added that they want to have a memorial place “to reconstruct the history of that time and add it to the various conflicts that exist today in the region.”

According to the reconstruction carried out by the organization, the third police station was a “whitewashing” space that was within the so-called “circle of camps.” This consists of a group of CCDs operating in suburban police stations and Silverunder the leadership of whoever was president Buenos Aires Police, Ramon camps.

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This is what happened to the four survivors of the Night of Pens Gustavo Caloti, Emilis Muller, Patricia Miranda And Pablo Diaz. Transferred from CCD «Spider«, in La Plata, towards Banfield Okay And the Quilmes OkayThen you get to the third. They were then made available to Executive power A citizen to be transferred to a legal prison.

Credit Camps Page 12
Ramon Camps, convicted of crimes against humanity, was the police chief of Buenos Aires. Credit: Page12

Third function

Gabriella Odivine“We only have conclusions about how the military zones are organized,” he explained, who is also a member of the campaign. But he said: “What is clear is that, because of the function performed by the third police station, at least at the end of 1976 and the beginning of 1977, there is a large group of survivors, including those from the Night of Destiny.” Pencils, is that they “performed the function of ‘whitening’ and physical healing for detainees coming from secret centers that were much harsher in terms of survival conditions.”

It is worth noting that the reconstruction of the first operation of the police station could take place thanks to the statements of the police station commander. Association of Formerly Disappeared Detainees (Dirham) Nelda Eloy. She also went to this secret center and reported that there she was forced to wash the bones of the skull and hand of questionable origin.

However, the third police station was also going to conduct a second joint operation with the former Campomar factory. This is what the former detainee said Antonio Vargas During his statement in Trials for the truthHe reported that he was tortured at his headquarters and then taken to the third police station.

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“There are a lot of references in the testimonies to different spaces in Llanos, even Campomar is mentioned and Fifth Police Station“The case, which served as an annex to the third, was mentioned in the truth trials by the former detainee Vargas,” Odivin explained.

Along these lines, Virthy added that according to various stories and testimonies, there was “communication between all the secret centers: the police station, Campomar and Military manufacturesall within a 20 block radius.

The 3rd Police Station of Lanos Credit Vesuvius and the 12th Bridge Committee
On the new anniversary of the Night of Pens, they ask that the third district of Lanús be declared a space of memory. Credit: Vesuvius and Bridge 12 Commission

Campaign background

In 2012, some members created the Campaign to Reclaim the Third Police Station Justice Neighbors Committee for Cabomar With the aim of investigating the aforementioned properties.

Some time later, before the bones appeared on the grounds of the military factories overlooking the river bank Schedule And in Lanus they asked for the same thing for that place.

However, Odivine stressed that none of these investigations continued, and added: “It also does not happen that justice really makes itself available to deepen investigations, as it is human rights organizations that carry the evidence and make offers to investigate.”

That’s why the “first” thing is state As for the restoration of the third police station, an “investigation” will be conducted that includes “the records that may remain from that time.” In return, each survivor is “invited to learn about” the place, and then “run the place.”
According to Tailam, Virthy explained that through the campaign they seek to transfer the demand “to Deliberative Council Lanos, to build in the area, and from there go to the province” to request “the transfer of the Buenos Aires Police Detachment.”

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