They seek to create space for breastfeeding

Monday 17 October 2022


Representative Natalia Ponferrada has introduced a bill by which she is proposing the creation of a Breastfeeding Space (ELM) in all agencies of the District Public Administration, in order to ensure the continuity of exclusive breastfeeding and enable the equitable employment of women and the variations that breastfeed.

The objectives will be: to direct the work establishments so that they can support and accompany people who are breastfeeding; Highlighting and raising awareness about the difficulties faced by people who wish to reconcile breastfeeding with other activities, in particular work; Contribute to reducing barriers as well as implementing strategies to promote breastfeeding.

The Breastfeeding Space (ELM) is understood as the space specifically designated so that women and the diversity of the breastfeeding period can access the possibility of continuity of the exclusive breastfeeding period, ensuring adequate extraction and preservation of breast milk or breastfeeding while working today in conditions of hygiene and privacy.

Likewise, the law enforcement authority will have the following functions: ensuring the permanent dissemination of space for breastfeeding, through personnel or human resources, by way of information boards, brochures, emails or in network groups that include all workers; Keep a usage history sheet, which must be completed by your assistants each time they use it, in order to keep usage stats; improve its work and revise existing deployment strategies or implement new ones; Make users aware of maintaining order and cleanliness, to achieve good coexistence within the space, and assign someone who will coordinate tasks related to their activity, such as collecting records, daily checking of cleanliness, answering questions about its use and other related tasks.

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In the foundations, the legislator notes that “lack of space for breastfeeding (ELM) in the workplace, not only makes it difficult to maintain breastfeeding and hinders children’s access to the best quality food as is not recommended,” but it also deepens gender inequality. in the workplace and it appears that women, who are primarily responsible for caring tasks, do not usually have the necessary resources at their disposal to fully perform their tasks in the workplace.”

“Encouraging and promoting the creation of a breastfeeding space in every working environment of the district public administration helps to promote breastfeeding or breast-feeding in order to improve the health of children,” she adds.

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