Social and environmental groups are marching against the exploitation of natural resources

Dozens of social activists marched towards the National Palace in Independence Park this Sunday, with posters and unanimous shouts of “No to the Cola Dam,” which marks the Cannes Dam, Yamase.

Community groups such as the Green March, sugarcane workers, Fenatrono, the Loma Miranda camp, the Defenders of the Three Reasons, the National Human Rights Commission, and other interests have joined the “peaceful march” from early morning to defend. Withdrawal from the country and falling fuel prices.

Patricia Guerrero, who is part of the Loma Miranda camp, said, “We have five dams on this island, an island most vulnerable to earthquakes.”

With the expansion of the aforementioned water dam, President Louis Abinader considers “thinking only for a long time, not for the present.”

“The government has been thinking for a long time, not now,” Guerrero told different media.

Another reason for these activists to march is against the mining expansion towards Loma de los Seat Picos and Loma Novillero.

They also noted that Barrick and Falconbridge are marching to fulfill their environmental and social responsibilities, which they explain as polluting the country’s soil and water.

On his side, Juan Hobbes, Minister of Environment and Mining, called for a focus on the Guanuma River and “not to rest with the province of Monte Plata.”

“The country is going to prove day and night above all else. When they came to power those rivers were there. They did not find them,” said the head of Movimiento Rebelde.

More than 20 community groups took part in the protest, which ended at 11:35 am.

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It should be noted that at each end of the Independence Park there was a military and police security and the National Palace to avoid possible accidents.

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