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The cruelty of racism refuses to fade on the football field. In the 21st century, there are still those who look down on others for their skin color. This time, the victim received racist insults while playing for Boca Juniors against Peruvian defender Luis Advancula as a spectator in a match against Atletico Dukuman.

The final part of the first half was played. The ‘xeneize’ team beat their opponent 2-0 with goals from Licandro Lopez and Rodrigo Montes. For about 41 years, when Luis Advancula lent himself to take an attacking side, suddenly some close friends of the local team began to harass him.

People in a stall at the stadium heard the reproachful phrase more than once: “Negro boat *”, and they told him other things.

When racist insults aroused by Peru were posted on social networks, fans Boca JuniorsWithout hesitation for even a minute, they expressed their full support and condemned the deplorable conditions that were still occurring as the national team had experienced.

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