So you can find out if anyone is spying on your chats in the app

Share It has become the preferred application of thousands of Mexicans who exchange messages, pictures, videos and all kinds of documents through the app.

For this reason Processor This has become essential, and while creators claim to protect the privacy of their users, many continue to feel insecure.

In some cases you may have noticed that someone might be spying on your chats and your account Share, Through this trick you can find and take action in this matter.

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First, you need to note that the creators of the app protect all your conversations with end-to-end encryption so that no one other than WhatsApp or Facebook can access them.

However, if your phone is accessed by another person, your account can be spied on, because this way the account can be opened on a computer or even on another cell phone.

How do they know if they are spying on your WhatsApp?

To find out if this is your thing, you need to open the WhatsApp app on your cell phone and select the “Settings” option, within this section you should click on the section labeled “WhatsApp Web / Desktop”.

Once there, the devices that open your WhatsApp account will be displayed, so you should check that everything that appears is yours.

From this section you can manage sessions and close the session if a device is not recognized.

This section allows you to keep the essential information for detecting spies, as it shows you the last connection time, which will help ensure that you are not logged into your account.

Additionally, you can find out the browser, operating system, and city where the session started, so you can easily identify if an intruder has entered your account.

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