In Cruz Azul, Sacco Kimines asks Shanti for peace and professionalism

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Santiago Kimines Playing 443 minutes with this match Blue Cross, More than half of what he has achieved in past matches, in which he has scored four goals, and one harvest has left him restless.

Before your son lives, Christian “Sacco” Kimines He pointed out that they talk every day to instruct them to be patient, believing that they are processes that all players go through.

“I talk to him a lot, I keep quiet, Focus on what you need to doTake care of your body and be an expert at a young age. Don’t stop living moments, those are the moments you have to live with. Do not lose hope“The worst thing you can do as a player and as a teenager is to get frustrated with wanting to play,” he said in an interview. Clear brand.

Sacco even expressed it in conversation with him Your son The challenge of wearing a light blue shirt makes you understand Be a promise to both the cement team Like Mexican football.

“Young people like to play all the time and in a moment you have to look at the adaptation process and find that habit. This is difficult for many young people, But to see what they can do, whether they can progress or what they are doing. If they can afford the package they get, ”he explained.

Closely follows

Every day, he talks to an ex-player of the machine ShantiWell, Cancon FC, working as Sacco’s coach, is beyond watching him play because of the distance between father and son He wants to know his process which takes day by day With the Juan Rhino team.

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I try to tell him to be quiet, I talk to him every day, how he trains. It worries me, not what I do on the field, but the habits that are most important to them in the long run because they give them values, discipline and a lot of care. “

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