Roberto Medina admits he got a ‘room’ in Tigress Femen

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Then Leave undefeated in 40 games, In Female tigers They acknowledge that failure came at a difficult time, but not completely lost. Roberto Medina, The cats’ technician, agreed to repair failures that had previously caused failure Girl America In the first leg of the semifinals of Apertura 2021.

“We try to do things in court and we make mistakes in very specific things. Our people will do their thing in the volcanoObviously, we have to do our thing in court. We broke this series without fail. How well we got this room now, We will fix why that happened, ”he told a news conference.

Although the game of the bird neutralizes the current champions, Medina did not leave in the slightest annoyed after the reaction of her students With Stephanie Meyer aiming to reduce the advantage of Azuligrama to 2-1.

“Liguilas are played like this, allowing us to create a rival. The most important thing is that the team has a good reaction”.

Different ways

Craig Harrington, The coach of the Eagles, is already analyzing what his attitude will be to Vuelta de la siri to take place next Monday at the University Stadium. Can present a defensive plan Without focusing on the signs that he has succeeded like tonight.

“I have an idea of ​​how to play Volda, but let’s see today’s game. We want to succeed, there are different ways to do it, and that’s all”.

On the other hand, he recognized the power of the Amazons through a series of 40 games without fail since last January 16th.

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