Small spaces: 4 ideas to include a fireplace in your apartment

It was A small apartment It was in really original condition, not necessarily shabby, but an old, heavy big fireplace, explains Celine Boclaud, founder of Boclaud Architecture. room, kitchen, bathroom and possibly an office.” By placing the living room facing the street views, the architects chose as large a kitchen as possible, even if this meant reducing bathrooms and toilets. The imposing fireplace has been replaced by an extension Taking advantage of the disparity, a seat was created that incorporates the ports alongside it. “It’s a multi-level apartment that we played a lot with by simplifying it.” Play” is the right word, as in the bedroom where, using a Japanese metaphor for the rice-straw effect of the cabinet doors in the hallway, the bed is set flush with the floor, futon-style.

Contemporary and designer in 65 AD2

Above the fireplace, designed by Victoria Wilmot, are ceramics by Hélène Labadie (Amelie Maison d’art). On the wall, a painting of Paula Carmen (Amelie Maison d’Art).

Samuel Giggs.

This section It was in a rather run-down state, and as the demolition progressed, major work had to be done: we had to repair the floor, reinforce the structure, bend the walls to make a sanitary veneer,” explains interior designer Marie Tardieu, founder of the eponymous agency. Needless to say, it was done He put a lot of thought into the space: How do they enhance? How do you get the circulation to flow given the impressive volumes?” We decided to play with verticality to better accentuate this large over 6m ceiling height. Furniture classic Rubbing shoulders with contemporaries, like a couch (“Sofas classic Not always comfortable, and the goal is still to create a comfortable space! ) or the fireplace, devised by Victoria Wilmot. More than anything else, This much visited apartment exudes a timeless vibe Because of its simple architecture and simple materials that have survived the times, in free contrast to the fashion of the moment.

Small fireplace 19 m long2

The floor tiles and small fireplace have been preserved to preserve traces of the old in this beautiful early 19th century building.

BCDF Studio.

Based on the topic of a Luxurious room Hotel, Studio Ett Hem created a small entrance hall in Such a beautiful studySolve the limitations of the inclined load-bearing wall by incorporating the continuity of the built-in cabinets. The corridor is initially quite decorative and then widens to become a back door to the bathroom. To the right, an elegant and discreet kitchen borders the night area thanks to a glass panel that acts as a partition without a wall and houses a fridge, stoves, small sink, concealed microwave and storage space. “In small spaces, people are often afraid to create zones, But differentiating functions and installing a circulation system makes the space more accessible.” The glass ceiling defines the kitchen/entrance area and the quieter part of the bedroom, but avoids the codes of the workshop glass ceiling, saving the roundness of its timber structure.

The article was originally published in AD France.
Translation and adaptation by Fernanda Toral.

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