Sivas vs Pachuca (1-2) Match Summary. Goal and half time

The Sivas They couldn’t shake off the painful defeat of the National Classic, and on their US tour, cthere 2-1 with Pachuca Guadalajara in the first of two games in that country.

Again A wrong In target Rebano Sagrado got a goal, Francisco Figueroa scored in the 85th minute and Raúl Rangel couldn’t save, as the ball got away which was the main reason for Guadalajara’s downfall.

At a grand entrance at PayPal Park in San Jose, California, Sivas Tried with a Replacement boxAnd even as he climbed the scoreboard, little by little Tusos progressed.

Sivas surprised Tusos

The Rojiblancos They set out with him 1-0 Minute 8, when Antonio Briseno He finished off a header from a corner kick taken by Pavel Perez and El Pollo put it away.

Pachuca He progressed little by little and in 13′, Tala fouled Pedro Petraza inside the area and scored. Punishment ie 15′ Christian scored ArenaOne Make it 1-1.

Chivas tried and in the 32′, Daniel Rios had a ball to the post on what appeared to be Guadalajara’s second ball.

The fill area had fewer visits to the targets and came clear 73′, While Ronaldo Cisneros He finished with a half turn that looked like a goal, but went wide.

Pachuca put up a great performance in the final

In the 84′, Pachuca put it first on the crossbar, and seconds later, Figueroa Alejandro shot after removing Mallorca. Rangel couldn’t be distracted Tusos scored to make it 2-1.

Yet in the 90’s, Briseno Done with a title Unable to build To leave the decisive 2-1 in favor of Pachuca.

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The Next test for Sivas It will be the Saturday before Tolucain Carson, California.

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