Sit back and watch Monica Sanchez look evil today in ‘Labyrinths of Passion’

Monica Sanchez She is an actress from our country who stands out for her participation in many soap operas marked before and after on Mexican and Latin American television. Thanks to his father being a diplomat, he learned several languages ​​and managed to stand out even in English-speaking series. At 48, away from the small screen, he is best remembered for his role in soap operas.Passion is delusions‘, here’s how it looks 20 years after that hit.

From a very young age, Monica Sanchez She studied dancing, acting and modeling, and while living in Miami, appeared in movies like ‘The Money Pit’ and popular series like ‘Miami Vice’. In turn, he participated in commercials in the United States and the rest of Latin America. It was only after her return to the country that she became a full-time actress and started being invited to various projects like ‘Corazon Salvaje’, ‘Alondra’, ‘Mirir Twice’.

Monica Sanchez is a famous actress. Source Instagram @monikasanchezt

fame Monica Sanchez It made it big and became one of the most prominent actresses of the late 90s. One of his best projects on the small screen is ‘Site of Passion’ It premiered on the Televisa network in 1999 and featured ‘Nadia Casanova Guzmán’.

This is what Monica Sanchez looks like today, 20 years after ‘Labyrinths of passion’.

Soap opera Site of passionThe film, produced by Ernesto Alonso for Grupo Televisa and set in a rural setting, was one of the most successful of the time. Writers wrote based on the novel ‘Love Fraud’ Monica Sanchez One of the great heroes. Other actors include Leticia Calderon, Francisco Cattorno and Cesar Evora.

This is what Monica Sanchez looks like today. Source Instagram @monikasanchezt

More than 20 years since its debut, Monica Sanchez After this telenovela she became very popular considering her participation in other successful projects. On her Instagram account, she has more than 160,000 followers and shows off her incredible body at the age of 48. As for his personal life, he has three children.

Monica Sanchez is 48 years old. Source Instagram @monikasanchezt

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