“Shut up and dedicate yourself to playing better and you’re not contributing anything.”


The Honduras national team Goes through a real crisis. With only 3 points in the corner, without knowing the win, the two would miss another date of the World Cup and a word exchange took place between them to finish it. Rommel Kyoto Y Andy Nazar.

The remaining calendar for Honduras in the qualifying round

‘Romantic’ spoke with a direct message to his partner via Instagram, he said recently Solomon Nasser Must have been the new coach of ‘H’, and now is not the time to bring it up ‘Polilo’ Gomes After dismissal Fabian Coyote.

“Andy Nazar, instead of criticizing, you should help here to move this forward, do not neglect your country at a difficult time for everyone,” were the loud words. Kyoto.

Following that, Rommel Received a harsh response, but from the brothers Andy Nazar. Through Facebook, Christian Nazar Stunned the former striker Olympiad And defended the player DC United.

And what has Nazar got to do with the frustration he felt because they lost yesterday? Dedicate yourself to playing better and keep your mouth shut because nothing contributes. ” Christian NazarShows remorse for what he said Kyoto.

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