10 Steps to Do Your Own Research Project from Scratch

When it comes to writing a research project most university and college students don’t know where to start. A typical research project begins with a topic idea that is given to students by a tutor or one that they come up with on their own. When a research topic is laid, one can begin to refine their research questions, come up with the outlines as well as the design of their project.

Anyone who is struggling with their assignment can always type “do my research paper for me” on Google and plenty of professional academic writing services will pop up. There are a few steps that one can follow, and this article will look at 10 of them.

1. Come up with a topic

A topic is very important when it comes to writing any piece of content, and in this case, it will start very broad. You need to pick a topic in a field that you are very interested in because it will make the research process much easier compared to a topic you are not familiar with. Conduct initial research to see if you are ok with the topic you have picked and take notes while trying to identify contradictions, gaps, questions, problems as well as any areas of debate.

2. Know the problem

Once you are satisfied with the topic you have picked, you have to identify what the problem is to give your paper a purpose and focus. You need to ask yourself if your topic does matter, why is research in the area needed, who does the problem affect, how your research will contribute to dealing with the problem, and know exactly what you will be investigating. Your problem can either be theoretical or practical, go with the one that makes the most sense based on the topic, there is no right or wrong answer.

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3. Come up with a research question

Centered around the research problem statement, you need to come up with some research questions. This question tells the person reading your paper what you want to highlight or find out. It can be to focus on explaining, evaluating, describing, and comparing the research problem. A top-quality research question needs to be specific so that it can easily be answered with both quantitative and qualitative methods. Your question should also be complex enough to need analysis, arguments, and in-depth investigation.

4. Come up with the research design

This is a blueprint of how you will go about answering any questions raised in your research paper. This also involves deciding on the type of data you will be collecting, the methods, the analysis process, and the timescale of your paper.

There are so many paths you can take in terms of gathering information. You can opt for primary or secondary data and quantitative or qualitative methods. You should have criteria for selecting sources and participants as well as determine tools, material and proceeds that will speed the collection as well as the analysis process.

5. Get help when and if you’re stuck

If you are recently enrolled in a college or university and are asked to come up with a research paper, you might not know where to start or who to ask for help. Thankfully, there are plenty of places you can find help and the best place to start is speaking to an online reliable essay writing service.

These companies have well-educated people who have extensive knowledge in a large variety of topics. There will be someone in their ranks who will be able to help you put together an amazing paper for a fee. If you don’t have money to hire essay writers or academic writing services, you can speak to other students or your tutor. They will give you all the tips you need that will point you in the right direction free of charge.

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6. Evaluate the resources you have at your disposal

If you are using different sources when it comes to collecting information, it is easy to be overwhelmed. Not everything you find should and will make it into your final paper, and only focus on the research that gives you exactly what you need for your research. If secondary sources are the ones giving you the best information that is significant to your research, for example, stick to that and less of the other resources. Just make sure that everything is referenced properly, otherwise, you will be flagged for plagiarism,

7.Be organized

Many expert writers often say that many university and college students fail their research papers because they are less organized. They leave it until the last possible minute before they begin writing, leading it to them submitting a paper that is rushed and low in quality. You have to give yourself as much time as possible so that you understand the topic and produce a piece that will get you a high mark. Give your notes well organized because you don’t want them to go missing, which can slow you down.

8. Begin writing a paper

Once you have gathered all the information you need, it is time to write your research paper. Read the instructions provided to you by your tutor and use the correct format. In the UK, tutors will want students to use Harvard referencing style with their papers while in the USA, tutors will ask for either APA or MLA.

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9. Edit research paper

Before you hand in your piece, you need to make sure it is carefully edited and not full of grammar mistakes. Submitting work that has grammar errors can get you a low mark because most tutors do penalize students for incorrect grammar. To help you edit your work, you can use websites like Grammarly, and various other built-in computer problems like Google Docs and Microsoft Word. All these have one thing in common, they will highlight any mistakes and enable you to correct them on the fly.

10. Submit

Once you are happy with everything you have added in your paper from the research question, introductions, main body, references, and more, it is time to submit the paper. This is the final stage of your paper, but before you send it off, it is advised to run it through a plagiarism check program to see how original it is. If you steal other people’s work and present it as yours, this is called plagiarism and a very serious offense.

Final Thoughts

Overall, before you choose a topic, you have to make sure that it is something you are interested in to produce the best work possible. You have to ensure you give yourself enough time to get your work done and not leave things till the last possible minute. Many professional research paper writers say you can use things like a calendar to plan your research project road map. Save your work often so that you have a backup should your computer malfunction or crash unexpectedly. If you successfully follow all the 10 steps mentioned above, your research project will be a smooth experience from start to finish.

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