Shula Vega admits that her mother, Isela Vega, abandoned her when she was three

Shula La Vega, Daughter of the actress Isela Vega And sister Arturo Vasquez, Broke the silence about her relationship with her mother and admitted to enjoying abandoning her mother, when she was three years old, as well as being bullied by her co-workers, who was the mother who tried to humiliate her for the work her father had done.

After that ours 1259 version of TV notes Let them know it Shula La Vega, He took his truck from the 81-year-old actress, which made it difficult for her to go to chemotherapy, after which she lost her life; Shula He brought to light additional details of the relationship he had with his mother.

In an interview with ‘Venga La Allegri’ this morning, Shula When he was three years old, he admitted that his mother had abandoned him and left him in the care of his father, the actor George Luke, A situation that may have been difficult at first; However, he promises that he will never have to have Isella in his life.

When she was three years old, Shula admitted that her mother abandoned her and took over responsibility for her father, the actor. George Luke, A situation that may have been difficult at first; However, she promises that she will never have to Maternal number In their lives.

“My mother left When I was about three years old, I no longer remember her, so I never missed her because I never realized what it was like to get her, she was at one point in her life, she wanted to focus on life, she did not ‘have to be tied to a second son, my dad was Glad to be a dadSo they made a deal and I stayed with my dad ”, he said.

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Following this, the 46-year-old actress mentioned it during her time ChildhoodIn the 1970s, she was bullied by her classmates and she tried to feel bad about him. Work His mother had.

“The girls at school would bring me newspapers where my mother appeared naked, and they would say to me, ‘Look, have you seen your mother yet?’ That made me so Shy, Distrust, perhaps, socially “, Commented.

Shula La Vega spoke:

What else, Shula At first he felt a little sad for leaving his mother, but over time he diminished its importance. Won it, Because, he began to understand the reasons for his mother’s departure, Isela Vega.

“She was saying ‘Hi, how small she is, she left me …’ But you don’t have to stay where you are. Happy, You are within your right, it is a human right to say that. ‘I can not I’m leaving with this ”, Express.

Shula also recalled what she had been looking for at the age of 18 Reconciliation Make corrections with her mother, which led to a more beautiful relationship with her Isela, Until the day he died in March of this year.

“I said‘ I tell you My thanks to them What are you doing to me now, what happened Last It has already happened, it simply exists, it just happened ”, Done.

Aisela Vega left her daughter to fulfill her dream of becoming an actress

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