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Strong announcements! He was exclusively linked to the project “America Hoy”, where he revealed the unpublished details of the love story he lives today with his new partner, who, in his opinion, had been in love with him for a long time before meeting him.

“I’m going out, after the third call, my friend introduces me to my boyfriend. He’s already followed me on Instagram, so I know nothing about him. Without thinking it shouldn’t happen, I walked out and suddenly he told me ‘stay in Mexico’. Began to count.

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“The truth is, a lot of complicated things have happened, and the truth is, I’m not emotionally ready to go to Peru. We were both very scared ”, Added.

However, to the surprise of locals and strangers alike, the model admitted that she knew her boyfriend’s entire family from the beginning. When I stayed here the next day, I met his father, his mother, and his brothers, which gave me peace of mind. I said, ‘I will stay if you call my mom and my sisters so they can know who I am with and that things are serious.”, Express.

Sheila Rojas unexpectedly reveals about her boyfriend's family - Ojo
Sheila Rojas reveals unexpectedly about her boyfriend’s family

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