She is the beautiful woman who stole Jose Ron’s heart

Jose Ron is enjoying a great phase of his life, not only because he is enjoying the bees of success with his lead role in the TV series “La Desalmada”, but also because he is happy in the emotional realm.

Jose Ron / Mexico Company

After several weeks of speculation about his new love affair, the handsome actor has finally confirmed that he is dating a beautiful woman.

After being asked by a member of the Desperate America program if there was a “soulless woman” in his life, Ron opened his mind:

“I am so happy in this moment. I feel complete and happy in every way. I think I live one of the best moments of my life. Of course I am happy to share my life with someone.”

Jozran / Agencia Msico

Jose Ron / Mexico Company

But, without any doubt about the identity of the person who stole her heart, when asked if the female driver and actress involved were called ‘Loo’, rumors spread that the actor was maintaining more than friendship with her. Jose agreed:

“You’re not wrong, look … yes, yes (we’re dating), glad.”

Since his love affair with Jessica Diaz ended in 2020, Ron has not spoken openly about his love life, but the Argentine model and host, Louisiana Sismandi, has changed the actor’s mind and is now screaming in all four winds. Happiness next to her.

Louisiana Sismondi / Cortes í a

Louisiana Sismandi / Courtesy

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