“We are looking forward to serving the whole Earth!”: SpaceX has shipped 100,000 Starlink Internet stations


24 before 2021 21:38 GMT

The project is already operating in 14 countries, according to Elon Musk.

The Starlink project, which aims to provide global broadband connectivity through a constellation of satellites 100,000 stations For users who have purchased the Service, claimed Elon Musk.

Starlink now has many users in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and 10 European countries. It also plans to expand its list of countries and its network coverage: “Our license applications are pending in many countries. We hope to provide services all over the earth!” the businessman said.

The SpaceX-run Internet group began launching satellites in November 2019 and opened its $99 per month beta program to select customers a year later.

Many of these customers live in remote or rural areas, where access to traditional broadband is limited or non-existent. Users pay an initial cost of $499 for ServicesKit includes: user terminal, Wi-Fi router, power supply, cables and tripod.

The Speed Starlink data compared to existing ISPs in poor service areas is usually enough to get people excited about signing up for the service.

On the other hand, SpaceX is also exploring the use of Starlink to provide in-flight internet connectivity, in partnership with airlines.

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