Shakira offers Biku a millionaire contract, which the footballer rejects

LSeparation between Shakira And Piqu continues to monopolize information from the world’s various media outlets. After 12 years together And with two children together, the couple decided a few weeks ago to end their relationship. Now they will negotiate the terms of the separation, which may not have happened yet.

According to the project information youtube “gossip no like”Shakira would have given a gift to the Barcelona footballer Millionaire offer To reach agreement with a series of propositions.

In those proposals Full support of their two childrenPiguet also offered to pay for five first-class trips a year so he could see his children in his new city. Miami.

Also, his two sons Milan Y Sasha Let’s go on vacation in the summer with Gerard Piqu. It is about the issue of children, but the most surprising thing about the information released by the program is that the Colombian singer promised to help pay. 20% on a $2.5 million loan The Barcelona defender is due to legal issues in Spain.

Well, all these propositions would have been Rejected by the Barcelona footballer. However, the lawyers representing PQ had already A Counteroffer They will try to get the team representing Shakira to reach an agreement soon and it won’t take long.

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