Actress Sandra Echeverra slams two Hollywood actors: “They’re two people”

LA Mexican actress Sandra Echeverra I had an unpleasant moment with two actors during filming. In particular, the actress recalled being on the set of ‘Savages’ 10 years ago, in which another Mexican actress also participated. Salma Hayek.

Sandra shared this complaint on her social networks: “Today I remembered a story Bullying In a project I shot 10 years ago. Two famous actors. I was very angry again. I will tell you one day. If it happened today, I would definitely blame them. Let me clarify: bullying, not harassment.

At the insistence of her fans, the Mexican actress expanded her story: “On the set of Savages, I had a scene. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Taylor Kitsch. We arrived in a van (allegedly kidnapped with my hands and feet tied to the trunk). Well, they had a lot of fun in between starting the truck really hard.

It wasn’t a pleasant moment and the actress added, “My hands and feet were tied, I couldn’t stand it and they made it stronger so I would hurt myself more. My dad watched it all from a distance and he was bravely purple. I was injured. I decided not to say anything and just absorbed it, but I hated them.

Although the actress admitted that one of the actors apologized: “A little later at the premiere Aaron came to apologize. At least he felt bad. Taylor is very valuable. Does that give you the power of Hollywood? I do not know.”

The film was the premiere for the Mexican actress who was about to act in Hollywood Mara flicks on Wix+ Bioseries. During a recent presentation for the event, the actress was questioned by the media and referred to the cast as “two louds”. The 37-year-old Mexican actress has appeared in major American series like ‘The Bridge’ and ‘Criminal Minds’.

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Aaron Taylor Johnson He is recognized for his role as Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver), the brother of Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’. as Taylor Kitsch, He has appeared in productions like ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’, ‘The Bang Bang Club’ and ‘Battleship’.

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