Shakira got tired of bullying her kids and made a drastic decision to put the paparazzi away.

New photos of Shakira and her kids in Miami. The singer gets tired of the press harassment of Milan and Sasha

Shakira decided to move on On his way, he left the life he lived Gerard PQ April 1, 2023 in Barcelona. Amid strong rumors about a letter the former footballer’s father had sent, he told her to leave the lavish mansion. Esplugas de Llobregat Not later than the end of that month.

Upon her arrival in Miami, she issued a statement asking the press, considering that her children would be more exposed to the press. Paparazzi They value privacy Milan and Sasha. However, this may not have materialized according to the report National of Catalonia, Journalists have echoed those who pick up and drop off children Miami Country Day School.

Shakira left Barcelona with her children Milan and Sasha Pique on the singer’s private plane. Tatiana Munever

“The boys’ school was finally released a month ago, and Since then, it’s easy to find paparazzi at the school gatesTo find out who is the person who takes them and takes them,” the source told the media.

This situation is “fed” with the interpreter. Acrostic And Music Sessions #53, Those who have made the decision to look for a new home will have more privacy while their children do activities. Spanish media reported Shakira seeks to stop the living hell that Milan and Sasha are living at all costs.

Shakira shared a touching photo with her children Milan and Sasha. Taken from Instagram @shakira

“He is trying to end all kinds of news through silence. He is looking for a new home where he can live in peace, his bunker,” the consulted source added. Nationality of Catalonia.

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There is currently no official statement as to whether this is actually happening with the privacy of minors as there are no photographs of minors in school activities within their institution to date. Pictures Milan and Sasha are always seen with the singer, Likewise, information about the school the two children attend has been known since early April.

Photos of Shakira and Piguet without masks on the streets of Spain, with Milan and Sasha. The singer is always aware of her children’s well-being. The Crosby Group

It would have to do with weeks of data circulating as he was spotted walking the streets of Miami and signs that he might be looking for a home in one of Florida’s most exclusive sections. About Fisher Island, The venue, which is only accessible by boat or helicopter, requires the singer’s neighbors to approve his visit.

“This is the most expensive residential area in the world, with the highest number of millionaires per square meter. It is accessible by boat or helicopter,” the Spanish press revealed.

According to data disclosed by Bloomberg, It is one of America’s wealthiest neighborhoods, with more than 1,300 residents living above $2.5 million in annual income.

Barranquilla was in Barranquilla May 26 to Sunday May 28, with her children Milan and Sasha. As reported Colombian Media, translator House flies, Monopoly And Acrostic, He stayed in the tourist area of ​​Caño Dulce, located 30 minutes from the Atlantic capital.

Shakira was visiting her father in Colombia, who is in critical condition but is enjoying stability. / Photo: Instagram @shakira

The reason the singer was in the country was a surprise meeting with her father William Mebarak, That he will face a special condition. According to the media, Shakira’s father is stable and does not live in Miami. Many thought that since he had gone to the City of the Sun.

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One of the conditions of the singer was that his relatives could not share photos of their children on social networks, so everything was treated with complete secrecy.

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