Shacko’s distinguished participation in the National Science Fair

Students belonging to 32 educational institutions in Chaco presented their work at FN’23 in Technopolis. The district received three Special Commendations, two Outstanding Acts and a national distinction from the public.

From Monday 25 to Wednesday 27, the National Exhibition of Education, Arts, Science and Technology, FN’23, organized by the Ministry of Education of the State was held at the Technopolis property, in Buenos Aires. The Chaco Province was represented by more than 600 students from 32 institutions of all levels and styles, and their work was selected for regional bodies.

The delegation of students and teachers was accompanied by the technical team of the Undersecretary for Planning for the Educational System, Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education of Chaco, and had free travel and accommodation within the framework of a joint work between the national and provincial governments.

The science fair, in each case, enhances the possibilities of experimenting with new ways of learning from contextual and purposeful practices; Promotes curiosity, inquiry, and experimentation as ways of knowing and living in the world, enhancing community connection, and activating specific problem-solving methods to improve and transform specific realities of leadership and empowerment for students of all ages.

During its three days, FN’23 presented 700 projects in the field of science, arts and technology implemented by students and teachers from educational institutions across the country. In addition, this edition included the presence of invited projects from Chile, Colombia and Ecuador.

Participating institutions and notable works:

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The institutions that represented our governorate are:

• Kindergarten No. 104 in the Creativity with My Hands project

• Kindergarten No. 236, made by Madeira Investigations

• Kindergarten No. 116 in the colors of our land Lahakha Hunhat Tugiag

• EEP No. 1062, 4th grade With work there is no gap if we learn to communicate

• EEP No. 1021, 7th grade, with Lágrimas del Sol

• UEGP No. 16, 7th grade, with Everything That Could Have Another Life: Recycling!, the work highlighted by the national jury of the exhibition.

• UEGP No. 47, 5th row, with Inclumanos; EEP No. 606, 7th Grade, Presenting the Fragrance of Knowledge;

• EPGCBII No. 7, Grade 7, with So Hua’Au Aloq Na Qom: The Healthy Diet of the Ancestors

• EEE No. 10, 7th grade, with empowerment and without barriers

• Las Garcitas Institute of Higher Education, Equality: Hobbies for Equality

• Institute of Higher Education Professor Walter Servando Fontanarosa, “Power outages are a daily problem.”

• EFA No. 2 Zanjoon, fourth year, with Conservarte: your profitability with natural flavour

• ESJA No. 7, third year, with healthy eating and physical activity

• EET No. 33, Year 6, with Smart Pot

• EET No. 25, second year, with Transforman-Dc; EET No. 2, 4th year, with Toma Seguro project

• EES No. 26, fifth year, with Las Breñas via clinometer (received special mention)

• UEGP No. 24, fifth year, with the work of Fungiclaje

• UEGP No. 128, third year, with organic food for bees made with local products, “Give them yourself to eat” (special mention awarded)

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• EES No. 76, Year 3, with Discovering the Wonders of Nature: Exploratory Bioscience Museum”

• EES No. 185, 2nd year, with Eucalyptus essential oil (received a National Public Medal)

• EES No. 71, fourth year, with the work entitled Porque Te Quiero, ¿Te Aporreo?

• EES No. 184, first year, with N’Vique (Distinguished National Action)

• EES No. 142, third year, with Juancito sausage

• EEE No. 20, third grade, electrical

• EES No. 130, fourth year, method of preserving meat

• EPA No. 53, with Nutrizanahorias business partner (special reference)

• EEA No. 51, third year, with hydroponic green fodder

• Chaco Language Cultures Higher Education Institute, third year, offering professional practice experiences

• EPGCBII No. 7, Grade 7, with So Hua’Au Aloq Na Qom: The Healthy Diet of the Ancestors

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