Seth Rogen destroys first tape of ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Halftime

The famous plumber new tape titled ‘Super Mario Bros’ It screened with divided opinions from critics and fans specializing in the saga, as, on the one hand, those most unaffiliated with the franchise considered it a dry, good film, while those most connected to it gave it critical acclaim. Assessment on specialized sites.

That is why everyone is paying attention to the statements of the dubbing actors who participated in the adaptation of this new character. For example, we have notifications Anya Taylor-Joy plays Princess Peach. The well-known actress has said in interviews that she decided to take on this role because she has evolved and is no longer portrayed as a “damsel in distress” but an adventurer.

The success of this new adaptation is reflected at the box office lamp It has already slowly started breaking records.

However, the trajectory now looks more favorable for history NintendoThe fact is that not all his adaptations have such a favorable fate, and this is the comedian Seth Rogen will play Donkey Kong in the new filmHe took it upon himself to talk about it.

What did Seth Rogen say about the 1993 ‘Super Mario’ movie?

Commented by Seth Rogen A recent interview with Variety Your thoughts on adaptation ‘Super Mario Bros’ 1993. In these statements, the actor assured that it was one of the worst films he had seen in his life and one of the worst films ever made.

“I saw the original ‘Super Mario Bros’ movie when I was 11 years old and I was so excited. But it was the worst movie ever made. I was so disappointed. It made me realize that movies can be bad too. . . It never occurred to me until then. It amazed me. It’s overwhelming.”

However, Seth Rogen has promised the movie Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelinek It gives today’s kids a sense of satisfaction that they didn’t have in their childhood.

“Still, it’s good to own the moment. It’s nice to know that 11-year-olds won’t be as disappointed as I was,” he said.

The film is currently available in theaters and features an unforgettable voice cast in both English and Latin Spanish.

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