Seremi de Ciencia de Macrozona Norte highlights the strengths of UNAP to further contribute to the development of Tarapacá

Promoting knowledge from the arts, humanities and social sciences are some of the strategic priorities of the Ministry of Science to contribute to a new development model for the country, areas in which Arturo Prat University (UNAP) stands out. This was stated by Robin Moraga Seremi of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation of North Macrozone.

“The university is well positioned in terms of scientific capabilities and human resources,” Moraga said, after holding a recent working meeting with UNAP President, Alberto Martinez Quezada. “The 2030 Knowledge Policy is coming to us, which is to strengthen the field of social sciences, education, humanities, arts and culture, where Arturo Prat University has a series of conditions,” the authority said.


Likewise, he stressed that the House of Studies can strongly contribute to the decentralization process in the country, and contribute to achieving great goals, such as facing the “crisis of climate change and also the context of globalization and empowering regions.” .


Science Seremi at North Macrozone also stated that the university could further strengthen its scientific research policies and academic core, in order to continue to increase the quality and training of professionals in UNAP, which would continue to support the development of the regions.

collaborative work

Ruben Moraga explained that during the meeting, the possibility of increasing collaborative and associative work with other educational institutions was discussed. and creating alliances in the public and regional sphere and with private entities, to provide a better response to the development of the regions.

Assumptions in science

University President Alberto Martinez appreciated the meeting with Seremi of Science, an example where they both analyzed the contributions UNAP makes to the development of the country.

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“We have a duty as a public university and also because we have the installed capacity, as he himself stated: We have many areas where we can contribute effectively. The other thing that also makes us very happy is that he insists that this government, and especially the Ministry of Science, is determined to increase science budgets. Therefore, it is clearly an incentive for us and very good news. Finally, he said that collaborative work is what will help us to make a greater contribution to the development of the regions,” the rector explained.

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