Sequis says he missed Jenny Rivera and shared an unpublished video

After the great controversy that arose around the family, Chiquis Rivera Placeholder Image The celebrity decided to reveal an unpublished video of his mother Mexican singer Jenny RiveraAs far as we know, the man who lost his life in a plane crash admitted that he just lost her, and by being by her side he learned a lot from being an assistant, which is his favorite place.

He did it through his post Instagram After the accusations arose against him, he thanked his mother for teaching him to work Rosie Rivera, The gap that arose between them as they concealed the circumstance in which they had taken money from Jenny’s companies Lupilo And his brothers.

This title does not stop sounding and is a trend in networks, the words used by the Sequis are as follows:

“I share with you this unpublished video that describes how long we have been a team. There I began to develop myself into the woman I am today. Thanks Mommy, for teaching me to work, go upside down and be productive in everything. You are a tough teacher, but I will not change anything. Working with your assistant and you was my favorite place. I miss you “.

You can see how popular it is in the clip “Diva de la Panda” She was getting ready for one of her presentations, while her Sequis daughter was showing them what she needed and what she was telling us.

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The overwhelming support that Sikwis receives after this difficult situation can be seen in the comments, users feel sad with her and understand the pain she needs to feel, so they report it to her.

Click here Watch Jenny’s unpublished video

Jenny Rivera / AFP

Sequis shared an unpublished video of his mother Jenny Rivera.

The video was played over 400,000 times in just a few hours, so in addition to the controversy that helped set Jenny’s daughter’s vision even higher, it could be seen getting a lot of attention.

A few months ago, on the occasion of his sister Jackie’s daughter Jaila Hope’s 12th birthday, he sent a message to his mother, in which he said that Sigis had never seen his mother so happy with her. Little daughter-in-law.

For now it will continue and Rivera family members will continue to fight to clarify the situation, stay tuned with us and find out all the news about it.

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