Clara Chia Marti Seeks Help for Health Crisis After Shakira’s Attack on ‘BZRP Music Sessions 53’

Over two weeks Shakira released his new song, the topic has become part of the conversation on the Internet and many things about the release are coming to light. Although informed that Clara Chia Marty It has recently come to light that the 23-year-old heard that the bombshell by the Colombian was good. Help due to Crisis of Health After attacks of the singer BZRP Music Sessions 53.

And that, within the letter BZRP Music Sessions 53, Shakira Not only did he drop several hints to his ex-partner, Gerard PQBut he made a couple of comparisons using the letter Clara Chia Marty, a Twingo car and a Casio watch. Regarding this, the close circle of the young Barcelonan already said that Clara is very good, because she always wanted to be very neutral in these controversial matters.

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