Sequis Rivera confirmed that John Sebastian was his lawyer

Cicus Rivera promises to play John Sebastian (Video: Instagram / untunightconomarchaparro)

Sequis Rivera Placeholder Image It revealed John Sebastian, Regardless of age and duty He tried to beat Jenny Rivera’s daughter.

The singer was invited to the show Tu-Night Show With Omar Sapporo, Where he made some of his revelations Love life, In which he spoke without problems, and the presenter asked him to let him know if he had an artist.

Sequis He was reluctant to talk about it, not only because it involved third parties, but only one person, He is already dead.

During the game Flip cup, Omar Sabro challenged the singerIf she wins in the last round, she should tell him “How famous, being with a partner, he threw waves at you”. The driver won and Rivera said first, not wanting to reveal it because that person “He’s not with us now” It seemed disrespectful to talk about someone who no longer lived.

Sequis also talked about who he wants a trio with (Photo: Instagram / iquichiquis)

Although he did not want to say names, he promised to be his “teacher”, the driver quickly guessed who it was, and to hide the identity of the lover, continued to sing. Tattoos, Theme of John Sebastian, Passed away 6 years ago.

Sequis was immediately very embarrassed and confirmed Chaboro’s speculations. “Yes, With respect Because I admire him, he’s a teacher, he still is, but yes. It’s true, What happened “, said the singer.

Sequis reveals who he will be composing a musical trilogy with (Video: Instagram / @ chicapicosa2)

He also spoke openly about himself Sexual fantasies And revealed What Mexican artists create a musical trio. After being questioned by a Mexican comedian that he would do a trio, Jenny Rivera’s daughter responded:

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“Of course it’s a musical trio. Music with Julian Alvarez Y Eduin Cos“, said Late show From Stars. With this in mind, Omar Chaparro asked him if he was prepared to do a close trio George Clooney Y Twain Johnson, Which does not rule out the possibility of Sequis.

He added that he was not sure what he wanted to enjoy, however if he did, he would be in privacy. With a woman and a man, Not with two men.

During his revelations, the protagonist As if falling from the sky He asked “What turns you most in a man?”, He replied, because his interests are often not expressed in physical aspects Honesty Which attracts your attention.

Sikkis angered his followers after a plastic surgeon shared his photos (EFE / Umle) in his office.
Sikkis angered his followers after a plastic surgeon shared his photos (EFE / Umle) in his office.

Sikkis Rivera is known for not being afraid to speak in public, but one of the confessions he made through social media a few weeks ago has been kept under surveillance by the celebrity because he was accused He tried to fool his followers With an assumption Home remedies You have reached To lose weight And have a small waist.

A few hours later for the daughter Jenny Rivera He shared his secret through Instagram and the photos started hanging around a bit Plastic surgeon The singer looks happy in the office. Internet users immediately linked the images to the solution and branded Rivera a liar.

Despite the allegations, the translator It was not me, In addition, waiting for hot water and lemon Daily exercise routine That’s how it achieved the physical results it prides itself on.

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