Sendvalu resumes remittance service to Cuba

Remittances are delivered in CUP. (Photo: Cuban newspaper)

Remittance dispatch company Senvalu announced that effective Monday, April 19, remittance services have resumed to Cuba, now with a method of delivering funds to the ultimate recipient’s “doorstep”.

“Today is a happy day because Cuba is part of the Sendvalu family again! From now on, you can send the money back to Cuba via Sendvalu. Its recipient receives the money sent directly to his home,” according to the agency’s statement on social media.

🇨🇺 Today is a happy day because Cuba is part of the sendvalu family again! From now on you can submit again …

Posted before Sendvalu On Monday 19 April 2021

According to Sendvalu, it is the recipient who “determines when to pay” according to time availability. For those who impose transfers, the process will not be complicated, as transferring funds on the company’s platform is “100% secure”.

“Deposit with a credit card and comply with the highest authorized security standards,” an advertisement from Sendvalu says that in addition to credit or debit card payments, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro or MasterCard provides direct payment.

For example, “From Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria and Spain we also offer you a fast and secure method of payment via Internet bank transfer“ Pay now. ”In the Netherlands, you can use the convenient iDEAL payment method. In Finland, you have the possibility to use the online banking option From Nordea “.

Before paying, users can see the real-time exchange rates that will be applied since the money is delivered in Cuba in the CUP. Additionally, you can see the fees for sending money.

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For example, if a customer sends 50 euros, he will charge 2.98 euros for the shipment and the recipient inside Cuba will receive 1622 CUPs, where the exchange rate applied is around 32 CUP per euro.

For those who decide to use this service for the first time, Sendvalu offers free commissions. “Your first transaction is free. Just enter the voucher code WELCOME during the transaction.”

Regarding the delay with which the remittance is delivered, Sendvalu states that “in general, funds are ready to be delivered to the recipient within 24 to 48 hours. All provinces of Cuba are covered.” But they clarified that “there may be occasional delays at this time due to the current situation due to the Coronavirus.”

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