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Current Ecuador champions Barcelona had a dream start to their first appearance in Group C of the Copa Libertadores this Tuesday. The Bullfighters went 0-2 when they moved from Brazil to Santos, where they were superior to their rival.

The team coached by Argentina Fabian Pustos showed personality, order and above all performance, which complicated the current runner-up of the tournament. This is the fourth time in five recent trips to Brazil that the Yellows have returned with a win.

The last time Barcelona measured Santos was in 2017, when the Ecuadorian people defeated 1-over in the return quarter. That decision put the Bullfighters in the semi-finals of the Libertadores, for example, with Barcelona beating the Crimea 1-0 in Porto Alegre.

Even the heavy rain that fell on the Sandista podium could not stop de Pustos’ good play, leading them to a rivalry in the first place. But as time went on, the audience picked up on the whites’ pulse.

Barcelona were cautious, but did not go for the lock, which, whenever possible, created danger with the rapid arrival of Damien Diaz, Emmanuel Martinez and Byrne Castillo, who were looking for the area to link with Manabi striker Carlos Carcass.

Residents in Guayaquil showed greater balance and strength in the second half. After playing 52 minutes, the prize for the bullfighters came. From the left, Emmanuel Martinez gave Corsis a pass to the Sandista area, who converted a powerful shot by goalkeeper Joao Paulo to nullify the pass. 1-0.

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Santos tried to react, but Barcelona knew how to control the advances of Ballistas and did not give up the attack.

In the 60th minute, Martinez, who came from outside the area, was able to extend the advantage to the bulls when the shoe collided inside a frame guarded by goalkeeper Joao Paulo.

In 70 minutes, the Ecuadorian people condemned the fight. Michael Hoyos, from the right, put a cross into Corseus, who touched the ball with his tip, which hit Bar பாரa, and he was able to get it on his own goal (0-2).

The rain was intense, but it did not threaten the Canaries in their game, they were better than their competitors, reactive and at the last minute, did not come seriously, trying to get a discount that did not come in the end.

At the moment, Barcelona is the leader of a team that will play this Wednesday with the Bolivian Boca Juniors, the Argentine and the Strongest. (D)

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