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Famous Singer ““She is still remembered by millions of fans around the world, even 26 years after she was shot. His early departure caused a great vacuum in Latin society, and no other artist came to replace him.

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Above all, his music and majestic style left a great legacy, and to this day he continues to succeed. Precisely, in 2020 his biographical series was released Netflix, Which revealed some details that have not been told yet “Queen of Tex-Mex”, Caused a stir among his fans.

In addition to producing for the streaming site, a film of his life was released and starred in 1997 Jennifer Lopez, It showed a stunning scene that the artist had experienced at a concert he gave Montreux, She was about to collapse in front of thousands of people who saw her on stage.

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Did Electna fault a connector?

In fiction Quintanilla He collapsed because of the joy of his fans singing every single one of his songs to the top of his lungs. But is this true or is it something created by the writers? That is half true. “Selena and the Dinosaurs” In fact they were on the verge of stopping a concert in Montreal because many people tried to rush to the stage, endangering the life of the band.

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What happened in real life

In the videos shared on social networks, you can see Selena wearing a black dress at the moment when the stage collapsed. In the middle of the description “This Gumbia Dance”, Youngest daughter of Abraham Quintanilla When the music stopped and the security team started coming to the stage, he asked the fans not to push.

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At all times the singer tried to calm the public, and then the organizers warned that the concert would be canceled if the chaos continued, so the situation returned to normal and Selena was able to sweeten the night by continuing to sing.

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How degraded it was

In fiction, the singer dressed in white and gave a concert in the afternoon. When it was singing the song “La Carcacca” Those who come to the show start throwing themselves on the stage, thus raising the platform floor. The American composer does not want his audience to be distracted, so he returns to the stage to perform a play.

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