Ninel Conte is celebrating her birthday in Las Vegas and she is beautiful

Famous Mexican singer Ninel Conte It recently passed it 45 years And decided to celebrate it Vegas, Nevada, Sin city opportunity, to take a picture in front of the sign that welcomes you to that city.

After what on the TV show ‘Sale’ The celebrity hottie revealed that she had hidden her real age and that she was 50, and that they had proof of identity in the United States that they had misunderstood their year of birth and that was why they were not 45. She Age OK.

However, do not waste time and spend your day traveling to the famous city, where you were able to enjoy it Tourist places Of course a time event passed with his close ones.

In the first photos after he went to some Casinos Also she spent some quality time with friends, apart from that you wore nice pink pants made of shiny fabric and will definitely be very comfortable.

He is without a doubt one of the most flirtatious and attractive people in the world Show In Mexico, which is why she has so many followers and fans who support her publications and give her options, she took her over 20,000 contacts in just a few hours and received many congratulations on her birthday.

Ninel Conte / Instagram

Ninel Conte celebrates her 45th birthday in Las Vegas, Nevada

As you know a few weeks ago, Ninel Conte was very worried because his ex-partner escaped from the apartment where he was under house arrest, so many thought he had been helped.

However, the FBI is investigating and so far has found no evidence that she was an accomplice other than what she has said many times that she has been working hard for more than 25 years thinking she has him. Thank you for the money your ex-partner had or did not have.

Stay tuned to the show News to continue to experience the beauty, news, interests and all that surrounds Ninel Conte and her current gentle environment.

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