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“Queen of Tex-Mex”, , Y , World-renowned Latin American presidents shared the stage at the presentation of “Premios lo Noustro”, both of whom were very young when they were 21 years old.

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The artists agreed at an event in 1992, where they had to announce the winner of the “Regional Mexican” category. Because of their youth, they were both presented as “artists working forward”. Although Ricky Martin was able to keep his promise, Selena was sadly deprived of that opportunity in March 1995 when she was murdered in a Texas hotel.

Ricky Martin and Selena have left a masterpiece photo for the rest of the generation in which the Puerto Rican singer can look younger than ever. “Queen of Tex-Mex“He was wearing a plaid coat and tight, high-waisted black pants.

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translator “Chess game“He had his long shoulder-length hair, a gray suit, and he was paired with a light shirt. Both singers were very young and show off their modern looks.


Selena Quintanilla, although she died in 1995, has sold over 30 million albums and continues to be popular, and was considered by Billboard magazine to be “the most influential and best-selling Latin artist of the 1990s” because she was the only female artist to have five albums at once.Billboard 200”.

The former menu, Ricky Martin, has now sold 60 million copies and has become one of the most famous Latin artists in the world. Throughout his career he has won two Grammys, five Latin Grammys, three Billboard, eight Billboard Latin Music Awards, eight MTV, eight World Music Awards, and two American Music Awards.

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